Bullet School of Chemistry

As of 2024, over the last six years I had an amazing time, a fulfilling life. Words does not describe my feelings and joy. I am eternally grateful for the love and respect that I received from my students at Edron Academy.

Having completed the most meaning quest between 2014 and 2016, I wondered how else to beat it and questioned my existence yet again. For two years, following the Alaska to Argentina adventure life continued contemplating everyday about how to beat the best life I had. It was almost an accident that I ended up in Edron Academy as a teacher in 2018. Little I predicted of what was to come.

The year 2018 was also one of the lowest point in my life, having broken my vertebrae and damaged my spinal cord in a road traffic accident while cycling to work. Irrespective of the accident and a major surgery, I decided to give it a shot and moved to Mexico. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I had made in my life.

Within the first few months, the students at Edron made me realise Mexico would be my home for several years, if not forever. The Edron students had an excellent balance between academic excellence and having fun. I was able to build positive relationships with my students that continued year after year. The positive impact that I had on my students was obvious and was rewarding to say the least.

Balasters – my IB chemistry students were the best support for me during some of the difficult times – Covid. I was teaching online from India and I would always look forward to meeeting them online eventhough it was past midnight due to the time difference. We leaned on each other and the bond between us grew and remained strong ever since.

It would not be an exaggeration to say Balasters Elite (Amaya, Diaz and Villena) were now friends forever. Subsequent years saw several groups including C10H14N, Minions that followed this pattern. The students at Edron made me realise why I choose teaching. I was so blessed to live a life of my dream yet again. Everyday was fun and lively at Edron.

Below is a rudimentary chart, that highlights the up and downs in my life, on a scale of 10, over the last 50 years. So far, the best times in my life had been (a) my Alaska to Argentina adventure and (b) my life at Edron.

Whilst it is often expected that teachers inspire their students, but I also saw the opposite: I was inspired by several of my students. Just to name a few, Spataro for his critical thinking, Ale for her resilience, Miltos for his puritan approach to science, Neto for his dedication and committment, both the Jimenas for their sincerity, Nico Cortina and Angel for their humour.

I would like to, and I have reasons to, assume I had an impact on several of my students. However, I give +10 in the above chart for my time at Edron mainly due to the impact that my students had on my personal life. Lift at Edron was memorable several of which I carry to my grave. Some of the pictures on this page demonstrate a select few of these events.

Bullet School of Chemistry (Bala = Bullet in Spanish) was a witty response to the question of what am I going to do after Edron. In the immediate future I plan to do a mini bicycle adventure and some travelling. Perhaps Bullet School of Chemistry will be my future or perhaps it would evolve into something in future. I am not sure but I am optimistic as always.

Minions 2023
Triple Science 2022
Plank challenge with C10H15N
Graduation 2023
Graduation 2023
I was asked to do this
Purple minion 2023
IB Chemistry class of 2023
Triple 2020
Villena’s birthday party
The making of Shrek
Shrek 2022
On a special occassion
Juan Amaya’s birthday

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