A short trip to Kolli hills and Yercaud

August 9, 2021

Some of the 70 hair-pin bends

On top of Kolli Hills

A nice waterfall which I discovered on my way down

Kolli hills videos – 2

Yercaud was only 30 km from Salem, 10 of which were on flat roads and the last 20 km was the climb up. This climb involved 20 hairpin bends and the climb itself took just over 3 hours. On route, there were plenty of monkeys in these mountains and people feed tomatoes to these monkeys. But these animals got used to this and demand the visitors for more tasty alternatives. I stopped at one of the viewpoints to have a snack and it was a mistake. A monkey came close to me and started grunting at me with its mouth wide open. It was not wise to pick a fight with a monkey, especially when there was an army of them. I threw the food in its direction and quickly pedalled away. People should stop feeding wild animals, perhaps not all monkeys are gods. 

The 20 odd hairpin bends from a distance

The small lake on top of Yercaud that was always busy except for the early mornings

The wonderful loop road on top of Yercaud hills

The coffee shop at Cauvery Peak – well worth a stop

Video – The loop road on top of the Yercaud hills



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