A tour of north of Mexico

It was the summer of 2021 and yet another staycation, and this time I went towards the north east of Mexico. The highlands of Mexico offered some perfect weather for cycling.

San Luis Potosi to Saltillo Highway
That imaginary line…
Some typical landscape in the North east of Mexico
Traffic free roads of Coahuila
A desert without the sand dunes
Catedral Basilica de Zacatecas
A typical city centre – in the cities of Guanajuato

I started off at Queretaro and took the main highway towards San Luis Potosi and Saltillo. After Saltillo, I traversed and rode west, crossing the desert. Whilst I generally stayed on the main roads that connected different cities I took some remote roads in the Coahuila desert which was one of the highlights of the trip. In spite of the desert landscape the weather remained cooler in the morning due to its altitude, and the traffic free roads was a bonus. 

After arriving at Torreon, I continued on towards Durango and the more I moved away from the desert the more undulating the roads were. From Durango, I turned south and after a four-day ride arrived at Zacatecas. This historic city centre was magnificient with its majestic cathedrals, cobblestone paved streets and buildings that were several centuries old. 

After Zacatecas, I went to Aguascalientes, Lago de Moreno, Leon, Irupuato and ended my trip at Celaya. The pattern with all these cities soon became obvious, a plaza at the centre of the city with cathedrals and old buildings, yet it was worth visiting and seeing each one of them. I spent a total of 37 days on the road and pedalled about 1910 km. Generally, everything went well except for the several punctures!

Route: Queretaro – San Luis de La Paz (85km) – San Luis Potosi (121) – Entronque de Matehuala (109)- Matehuala (83)-San Pedro Express Hotel in the Highway (106) – San Rafael (70) – Saltillo (90) – General Capeda (56) – Parras de la Fuente (82) – Viesca (76) – Torreon (78) – Los Cuatillos (80) – Francisco Madero (110) – Durango (60) – Vicente Guerrero (82) – Sain Alto (85) – Fresnillo (65) – Zacatecas (60) – Rincon de Ramos (85) – Aguascalientes (40) – Lagos de Moreno (85) – Leon (40) – Irapuato (68) – Celaya (66).



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